Monday, October 29, 2012

The San Francisco Giants Are The 2012 World Series Champions!!

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What a season!

I remember back on July 31 during the regular season, I brought my godson Keanu to a game at AT&T Park. There were new faces on the team and one man caught my attention.  Turns out we just did a trade to get him.

"Who's Scoo-tah-row?" I asked.

"Auntie, it's 'Scoot-a-row'!" he replied.

Yes, I got schooled by a 9-year-old, but it turned out to be one of the more memorable games I've been to. Soon we were counting down "magic numbers," clinching the #1 spot in the division...then the league...and finding ourselves in the Fall Classic after everyone left us for dead.

Talk about torture!

There are only a few faces left from the 2010 team: Panda, Posey, and Huff for example; nevertheless, the synergy this team had was truly magic. Crawford's boyish face radiating from that newspaper article made us want him to win and live his dream. Crazy-eyed Reverend Pence spreading his gospel game after game. Blanco and Pagan's running catches and defensive plays stopping runners in their tracks. The pitching teams' passion and skill making us binge on rally enchiladas and hashtagging #rally all over the interwebs...and doing it Gangnum Style with Romo after the 27th out. The ridiculously loud bats of Panda, Posey, and Scutaro. Belt's handling of the ball in his glove at first making out after out. Every one of them made an impact, for sure.

Last Friday, I was compelled to make Giants macarons again. My black and orange monogrammed ones were a hit; however, I didn't want to jinx them. I posted my blueprints on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook (killed 3 birds with one push of a button), but proclaiming I would only make them only after we won the series.

The day of Game 4 came, and I was anxious. I had to make them. Something told me I had to. Win or lose, they're still my team and will always be my team. So I did...

This one is dedicated to the TRUE fans. The ones who never stopped believing. The ones who stuck by them after losses, controversies, and injuries. The ones who watched the clincher from their office computers at work only to cheer as quietly as possible when Posey hit the grand slam. The ones who stayed in the rain after Game 7. The ones who were rooting them on from Opening Day and cheered them on through the 10th inning.

Congrats to the San Francisco Giants! 2012 World Series Champions.

...and yes, I really did cry after the win.


I'll post a complete description with our usual collage of the macarons as we continue our "run # sequence" which shouldn't be long from now...until then...

Now back to your regular scheduled broadcasting...

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