Thursday, November 8, 2012

Leche Flan Macarons - Run #15

These macarons were made completely by accident.

Earlier in the week, I was determined to make an "I Miss Hawaii" macaron series.  I already did a Dole Plantation Jelly one and a Mauna Loa Kisses what next?  I fell in love with the famous coco puff from Liliha Bakery in Kalihi that I knew I had to make a macaronized version of it.  Here is a list of some of my favorite bites from Hawaii btw.

The key to Liliha's coco puff is definitely that signature topping.  It's call chantilly frosting and it's different from the "chantilly cream" that is simply composed of whipping cream and sweetener.  Liliha's recipe is kept a secret, but many people have attempted to dissect its properties and make it.  I found a recipe online and stood in front of my double boiler whisking the eggs, butter, sugar, and everything else.  At the end of it, my filling ending up tasted like leche flan (a Filipino custard dessert) rather than chantilly frosting. I know so. I made mom taste it and asked her what it was...and she said leche flan.  I did this blind tasting with everyone in my family and they said leche flan.  Here's another to add to the Filipino mac collection!

Well then, the Liliha chantilly frosting macaron has to be attempted another day...however, this leche flan macaron was amazing!  In hindsight, I might have added too many egg yolks to the mix, but it's all good.  What a delicious mistake!

10/14/12 - Leche Flan Macarons - Light Purple Shells with Sweet Custard Filling

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