Monday, November 5, 2012

Passionfruit Jelly Macarons - Run #13


Oh, Hawaii.

I have a love/hate with Hawaii. It's like the Philippines, but on American soil. The food is awesome. The weather wasn't too bad. I'm still afraid of the ocean. I adore the culture, but I would freak out if I saw a line of fire torches coming down the mountain. The views are gorgeous; however, tropical islands come with tropical insects who like to eat me alive. After three days in paradise, I was stuck in bed with infected bites and Vicodin-sick-stomach. No bueno.  I did however get a taste of some macs on the island.  My friend Lara suggested we go to the Honolulu Coffee Co. at Ala Moana Shopping Center to try their Hawaiian lilikoi and haupia macs and they were delicious. 

I got really sad leaving Hawaii. It's that aloha spirit that makes me want to come back.

Seriously though, I felt like I was having macaron-making withdrawals by the time I got home.  I knew for sure that once I did get home, I would make Hawaiian-inspired macs.  We didn't make it out to the Dole Plantation, but good thing there was a Dole kiosk at the airport. I copped a jar of the Dole Plantation Passionfruit jelly! Perfect!  I also wanted to try something new as far as design.  I did a yellow shell with green speckling.  I think it looks really cute.  Don't you think?

10/10/12 - Yellow and Green-Speckled Shells filled with Passionfruit Jelly from Dole Plantation

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