Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Buko Pandan Macarons - Run #7

I knew one of these days I had to make a Filipino-inspired mac. One of my mentors is Annapet from The Daily Palette whom we fondly call "Ninang" or godmother in Tagalog. Earlier in the year at one of our kapaMEALya potlucks, she brought over amazing ube macarons with Brazo de Jun Belen filling! Thanks to Arnold of inuyaki for the pic. They were to die for! She became an inspiration.

Now that I'm making my own, I cherish all the kind words and advice I receive, especially when they come from her and other macaron makers.

So for my first Filipino mac, I chose "buko pandan" or screwpine leaf and coconut flavor. Buko pandan is a dessert which consists of tapioca, gelatin, sweet coconut gel in a cream flavored with pandan and coconut. I wanted to encapsulate that flavor in a mac. I used a green pandan extract and powdered coconut flavor for both the shell and frosting. While not the best macs (aesthetically/technique-wise) I've made thus far, the flavor was there.

9/21/12 - "Buko Pandan" - Screwpine and Coconut Flavored Macarons

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