Monday, October 22, 2012

San Francisco Giants Inspired Macarons - Run #5

San Francisco. 

The Giants have the best fans.  Through the good through the bad and of course the torture. Can you believe how great they were last night?!  I swear, it had to be all those rally enchiladas!  Vogey was amazing!  I hope the energy we give them tonight will carry them to the World Series!  Keep believing!

Ever since I was a kid watching Willie McGee stealing bases, hanging Kurt Manwaring's centerfold picture on my wall over my bed, and cheering on my favorite trio:  Will the Thrill, Matt Williams, and Robby Thompson, I have been a fan.  Of course, growing up with the Barry Bonds homerun record, getting devestated with the 2002 World Series loss, calling JT Snow my husband, and finally almost coming to tears watching them win the 2010 Word Series have made my life as a fan a rollercoaster. 

Nevertheless, I love my team...and this was for them and all their faithful fans!

GAME 7!!  We got this!

9/16/12 - "Black & Orange" - David Lebovitz's chocolate macarons
colored further with black gel and monogrammed with the official
SF Giants logo filled with salted caramel buttercream

I will forever say "Go Giants!"

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