Thursday, October 18, 2012

My First Macaron Baking Experience - Run #1

Originally posted on Jo Boston is a Foodie on August 13, 2012:

On Saturday, I had a great time with my cousin Roxanne making French macarons for the first time.  Oh we fancy, huh?  All this time, I had been buying them from cafe's at like $2 a pop.  Yes.  Sometimes I just have to have one.  It's that shell encasing the tender center.  Something about a French macaron reeks sophistication and class.  I am NOT the most sophisticated or classy person, but I can try to be in the kitchen.  I think we did a pretty good job considering it was our first time making them.

Upon review of the methods we used, I can say we need to make some adjustments especially when it comes to making the meringue, grinding the almond meal a little more, setting oven temperature, and making the filling.  We kept saying throughout the day that it was a learning process.  Things can only get better the more we practice.  It is also safe to say that I will no longer buy macarons...actually, unless I'm in Yountville, then I will.

It's one of those things where I ask myself, "why buy when I can make them?"  I was so proud of us when Momma came in the kitchen.  Usually I get nervous whenever she is around because she says I bake too much.  Too much?  Is there such thing as "too much" baking?  We have different minds.  She likes it served to her.  I like serving.  But on Saturday when we took the strawberry macs out of the oven, she walked over and said, "Ohhhh, you know, when the baker makes these at the restaurant, they look like this!"

They had FEET!

Oh, that made us so happy!  Getting a thumbs up from Momma, whether it be for my cooking or how I dress is always a good thing.  You wanna make your Momma proud!  Rox and I are going to make this a monthly thing, and I can't wait!  Thank you to my friends on the internets who gave us advice and "likes" on our pics.  =)  We had so much fun making them.

8/11/12 - Vanilla: Vanilla macaron shells filled with vanilla buttercream

8/11/12 - Strawberry:  Pink sugar topped shells filled with fresh strawberry buttercream

8/11/12 - Chocolate:  Chocolate shells filled with Scharffen Berger dark chocolate ganache

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  1. are you in instagram? i would like to follow u. thanks Joanne for sharing, im hookeed w macaroons.