Friday, October 26, 2012

Red Velvet Macarons - Run #8


If you have ever been to my family parties, you will know that it is almost "expected" of me to bring some sort of red velvet "sumptin" fams in Union City, California already be knowing. I've brought red velvet cupcakes, red velvet cheesecake, but what I'm bum rushed for (at the door before I could even stop to kiss-kiss everyone) are my red velvet cookie whoopies. Ever since I got rave reviews for them at an SF Wars competition, I made them for my family parties.

Then I thought, "wouldn't it be fun to create a red velvet macaron?"

And that's what I did. I give you my "Southern Sweethearts":

9/23/12 - "Southern Sweethearts" - Red Velvet Shells
with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Buttercream

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